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The Mailbox Shop is located near the small town of Staplehurst, Nebraska and it cannot be found on all maps but if you really need to know it is just Northwest of Seward, Nebraska. In 2000, Paul got bored and decided to paint our mailbox. He came up with a design he liked and started painting. Instead of painting just one he painted several and thought these would make terrific gifts so that is what the family got for gifts that year and they loved them. Michelle, whom takes on part of sales, packaging, shipping and paperwork end of the business and has a part-time job in Seward, Nebraska, which is also the 4th of July City. I brought them to work and sold them. They were mailboxes painted like Old Glory so that is the name it carries now. In February of 2001, we began attending craft shows to promote the mailboxes.

Paul designed 8 different ones so we would have some selection to take to a craft show. He has a wonderful knack for drawing. All designs start on paper before he transfers to a mailbox to make sure he likes them. All mailboxes are painted with automotive paint with a long lasting shine and are very durable. Paul has been an automotive body technician since the mid 80’s and has owned a body shop at our home since 1993. We have 2 boys, they enjoy going to the craft shows. They can meet other kids whose parents drag them to craft shows. They have made some good friends there. Now we have many different designs and they grow a little every year. Hope you enjoy the web site and order one of our special mailboxes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

The Mailbox Shop
Staplehurst, NE 68439